Currrent Teaching

  • Present 2017

    Applied Natural Sciences

    This course gives engineers a conceptual basis of a number of fundamental concepts in Applied Physics. This conceptual basis allows for forming well-funded ideas about scientific and technological developments in the areas of for instance medical/nanotechnology, energy technology (wind, sun, fusion, flames), climate control, etc. The importance of the concepts being dealt with will be clarified using appealing demonstrations and examples of importance for the above mentioned technologies.

  • Present 2015


    In this course the basics of magnetism is treated acting as an introduction to NanoMagnetism and its applications. A focus is on recent developments and experimental techniques. The students get direct hands-on experience by measuring on relevant magnetic samples in our labs and interpreting the data.

  • Present 2007

    Master and Bachelor student supervisions

    I have supervised over 20 master (full academic year) and bachelor (3-4 months) students during their final project. In these projects they work in my own research line and actively participate in the project.

  • Present 2013

    Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

    The UK Professional Standards Framework provides a general description of the main dimensions of the roles of teaching and supporting learning within the HE environment. It is written from the perspective of the practitioner and outlines a national Framework for comprehensively recognising and benchmarking teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education.

  • Present 2013


    I am co-lecturer of the Spintronics master course at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Teaching History