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Skyrmion nucleation using Ga+ irradiation?

PhD student Mark de Jong has just uploaded his most recent results on tuning the magnetic interaction by Ga+ irradiated Ir/Co/Pt multilayers. In this work we show that we tune the relevant magnetic properties locally. This will give rise to energy efficient Skyrmion nucleation due to a lowered energy barriers whilst maintaining their stability and chirality. This is a first step towards local patterning of Skyrmion nucleation and guiding tracks to study their motion due to spin-orbit torques.

In this work a few lines of research and method development come together, where especially the magnetic force microscopy in high magnetic fields and demagnetization tricks learned from our SEMPA work create the synergy.

Stay tuned to the upcoming work recently defended by Bennert Smit MSc. which we will be the follow up work on this first pioneering step by Mark de Jong!

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