Immuno-Engineering and NanoMagnetism a good marriage? Let’s explore!

I just received news that I have been granted a project to set up a joint project within the Immuno-Engineering program of the ICMS (Institute for Complex Molecular Systems). Hence, my magnetic nanoplatelets and our ultrathin layers based functional surfaces will be exposed to a whole new set of interdisciplinary curious minds working together. I […]


Moving to online and blended learning

Today I started to record the ‘online’ lectures for the course NanoMagnetism that I taught offline for the last few year. I also decided to a major overhaul of the course by switching to another book. The all time favourite of mine “Magnetism in Condensed Matter” by Stephen Blundell. I will still use Mike Coey’s […]

Lab update

In-Situ MOKE & SEMPA a golden combination!

Dear All, PhD students Marielle Meijer and Mark de Jong have recently been working on getting our in-situ MOKE setup running. In this way we can measure in-situ MOKE loops on ultrathin magnetic layers (2 atoms thick) without capping! Hence, we can now directly measure hysteresis loops without breaking vacuum, allowing us to probe individual […]


WordPress for an academic?

Today I created this wordpress website, let’s see if it full fills the need of a freshly appointed Associate Professor, time will tell…