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Skyrmion nucleation using Ga+ irradiation?

PhD student Mark de Jong has just uploaded his most recent results on tuning the magnetic interaction by Ga+ irradiated Ir/Co/Pt multilayers. In this work we show that we tune the relevant magnetic properties locally. This will give rise to energy efficient Skyrmion nucleation due to a lowered energy barriers whilst maintaining their stability and […]

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Best Master Teacher TU/e 2021 –> that’s me ;)

I was voted the best master teacher of the whole Eindhoven University of Technology. This unexpected prize was annoucned on the 16th of October 2021 during the momenTUm celebration (graduation ceremony of the TU/e). I am thrilled to have received the prize and recognition for my efforts in education. Enough has been written about it […]

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In-Situ MOKE & SEMPA a golden combination!

Dear All, PhD students Marielle Meijer and Mark de Jong have recently been working on getting our in-situ MOKE setup running. In this way we can measure in-situ MOKE loops on ultrathin magnetic layers (2 atoms thick) without capping! Hence, we can now directly measure hysteresis loops without breaking vacuum, allowing us to probe individual […]